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Words, Words, Words An Exhibition of Text Based Artwork at Elizabeth Leach Gallery FEBRUARY 5 - MARCH 28, 2015

I will have three gouache paintings from the Unalphabetic series in this group exhibition at Portland's Elizabeth Leach Gallery.

Words, Words, Words is an exhibition of text-based work featuring 21 regional, national and internationally renowned artists, who are recognized for utilizing text in their work as a primary vehicle for expression. As far back as the graffiti of Pompeii, artists have used text to elicit an emotional response. Whether it is Jack Pierson's repurposing of letters from old signs or Barbara Kruger’s terse and often aggressive layering of text over photographs, the artists in Words, Words, Words use text to evoke feeling and stimulate discourse. Ranging in media from Ghada Amer's embroidered painting to Chris Johanson’s works on paper, the variety in the way each artist incorporates text into their work makes for a dynamic and engaging exhibition.  

Transformation Chase: Abstract Painting at Northview Gallery

Pat Boas | Brenden Clenaghen | Michelle Ross | David Schell

January 12 - February 14, 2015

Artist Reception: Wed., January 21, 4 - 7 pm Closing Gallery Talk: Sat., February 14, 2 pm Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am - 4pm, Sat 11am - 4 pm

The exhibition includes works by four artists who pursue image production as a type of transformation chase, hunting down forms of visual language where slippage between systems and chance coexist with erasure and evidence. Shape shifting is an apt analogy for exorcising the detritus of modernist aesthetics while embracing the leverage of its formal vocabularies. Within this scenario the pursuer and pursued endlessly trade places as each artist works to re-animate familiar languages towards subjective vision, and in the process engage viewers with the freedom of abstraction.

The Word Hand | Austin, Boas & Hutchins

word hand front

Performance Works NW || Alembic Co-Production Series presents
The Word Hand
Created and performed by
Linda Austin, Pat Boas and Linda Hutchins
October 23-25, Thursday-Saturday at 8pm
Drawings on view:
October 24-26, Friday-Sunday 2-5pm (free)

Performance Works NW * 4625 SE 67th Ave

Dancer Linda Austin and visual artists Pat Boas & Linda Hutchins navigate the walls and floor of PWNW to create drawings through performance. The work places drawing in a visibly time-based context and ritualizes it as record and residue of movement. They employ unusual drawing strategies and tools to extend, deflect, and disrupt their physical behavior. The resulting drawings can be read as transcriptions of both movement and language.

The performances and open viewing hours are the culmination of a long-term collaboration that has developed through residencies and presentations by Austin, Boas and Hutchins at Caldera, Wieden + Kennedy, and Project Cityscope’s The New Structure. The Word Hand is funded in part by a Project Grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Project Cityscope presents The New Structure: Linda Austin, Pat Boas & Linda Hutchins "Tracing Movement, Chasing Marks, Tracking Sound"

Monday, August 18, 2014 @ 7:00 PM
Shout House
210 SE Madison St. Ste. 11 
Portland, OR 97214

Dancer Linda Austin and visual artists Pat Boas and Linda Hutchins collaborate to explore what happens when drawing is placed in a visibly time-based context and ritualized as record and residue of movement. In their developing series of performative wall drawings The Word Hand, the artists harness language as a generative force for drawing. Its many manifestations — the movement and choreography of writing, the sound and cadence of speaking, the shapes of letterforms — provide points of intersection between movement, sound, and visual elements. For The New Structure, Austin, Boas, and Hutchins will present glimpses of their collaborative process and discuss the role that space plays in their work.

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